Preview of the Cork BHAA Mahers Sports 6km road race in Little Island...

Location.....Little Island is located just to the east of Cork City.

Directions....The main junction used to access Little Island is from Junction 2 on the E30/N25 Cork-Midleton road. The junction is about 1.2 miles / 2 kms from the interchange at the north side of the Jack Lynch Tunnel.

Coming from Cork City......At junction 2, follow the signs for Little Island. You will take the slip road to the left...then right at the traffic lights and over the bridge over the N25. At the roundabout below, you take the 3rd exit.

Coming from Midleton.....At junction 2, follow the signs for Little Island. Take the slip road left and at the roundabout below, take the 2nd exit.

Just keep driving straight through the next two roundabouts. You'll have office units on both sides of the road. Roughly 900m from the roundabout above, you'll come to the junction where there is a road going to the right. Race HQ is in Eagle House which is located on the corner.

Course.........This is the approximate route...

Part of the course that is used for the 4 mile BHAA race in Little Island is reused for this race. The course is more or less flat with a few tiny pulls but nothing worth talking about.

More details to follow.....