Preview of the Destination Limerick 5 mile road race...

Location....The race takes place at Limerick Racecourse which is near Patrickswell just to the south-west of Limerick City.

The venue for the race is at Limerick Racecourse. This is very easy to access from Exit 4 on the M20...Patrickswell is to the north of the junction and the Racecourse is to the south.

Course........The race starts near the entrance road to Limerick Racecourse, just south of the junction on the M20. As you can see below, it's an out and back course.

The maximum change in elevation over the course is just over 20 metres. The only section that would be really considered any sort of hill is near the finish.

The race is mostly on the old Limerick to Cork road. As you can see below, this is a typical section around the 2 mile mark....long straight sections of road...

Overall.......Considering the number of long straight sections and the lack of any real pulls except for near the end, it is probably a pretty fast 5 mile course. Very east to access as it's so close to the M20.