Preview of the 10 mile road race in Castleisland...

This race is organised by An Ríocht AC and takes in the roads around Castleisland in Co.Kerry

Race HQ is at the clubhouse which has the only 400m outdoor running track in Kerry.

Approx course....

Essentially, the course does a loop around the town and then at about 1.5 miles, it heads north and slightly uphill. The peak is near where the road joins the N21 and then, you down south and slightly downhill along the hard shoulder. Then it's back in to do a loop around to the south of the town before finishing back near the athletics track.

Some uphill running between mile 2 as you leave the town and mile 3.5 where you join the by-pass. Otherwise, downhill or flat.

Location of An Riocht AC track in Castleisland. This race does a short loop around the town before heading North.

Approx 1.6 miles...straight road north out of the town
Approx 3.7 miles...where the road north joins the bypass. Lots of fast downhill running from here
Approx 6.7 miles....end of the bypass and heading back in towards the town
Approx 7.0 miles...start of the loop to the south of the town
Approx 7.5 miles...Right at the T-junction and then south. Roads are dead flat
Approx 7.7 miles...Turn left onto a quieter country road
Approx 8.6 mile......Turn left and head back in towards the town
Approx 9.2 miles.....Back into the outskirts of the town
Approx 9.5 miles...A hill in the last mile. Several hundred metres at first but then eases off
Approx 9.8 miles....Turn left and head down the narrow road towards the sports track
Flat fast run into the finish

Overall....A reasonably fast course. There are two real hills as such. The first one after mile two is more of a gentle incline. The second one at about 9.5 miles is steeper but short. There is a significant amount of flat or slightly downhill running which should make for fast times. If you are going for a fast 10 mile time then this is one to do it on.