Preview of the Courtbrack 5k...

Location...Courtbrack is located about 10 miles / 16kms north-west of Cork City. As can be seen from the map below, it's close to Blarney.

The easiest way to get there is via the turn off on the Blarney to Tower road.

This junction is 1 mile from Blarney and 0.7 miles from Tower. This is the view of the junction as you approach it from the Blarney side. As you can see, Courtbrack is sign posted.

You stay on this road for about 7kms until you come to this crossroads where you turn right for Courtbrack.

The race HQ is at the Courtbrack Community Hall which is just up this road on the right...

The race is just to the north-west of Courtbrack. The race starts a few hundred metres up the road shown with the Green arrow. The race finishes near the shop on the right.

Course map...

Course profile...

As you can see from the profile above, the 5k is one of two halves. Slightly uphill for the first half and slightly downhill for the second half.

Course description.....The race starts on an uphill section but the worst of the hill is behind at this stage. This short drag only lasts for about 200m so a cautious start might be advisable.

After 200m, the road eases off into a more gradual climb.

This is a pretty typical view out along the course. Nice quiet and narrow country roads.

At about 1.6kms, you turn right at the crossroads....

...and about 100m later at 1.7kms, you turn right at the next cross roads.

As you can see, this is a really narrow country road. You will reach the highest part of the course along this section of road.

At about 2.7kms, you turn right at the t-junction with plenty of downhill running ahead.

At 4.4kms, you turn left at the t-junction and you're back on the road where you ran out earlier.

From there, it's down past the start line and the finish line is back near the shop at the road junction.

Overall.....Nice quiet location for a race. Close to Cork City. Hilly start but fast finish.