Preview of the Dromahane 5 mile...

Directions.....The village of Dromahane is just a few miles to the south-west of Mallow in Co.Cork.

The village of Dromahane is less than 2 miles from the N20 Cork-Limerick road. The turn off for Dromahane is about 1.3 miles south of Mallow. For anyone familiar with the Mallow 10 route then it's where the course comes out onto the hard shoulder of the N20.

If you are coming from Cork City then look for the signposts showing Dromahane as you approach Mallow. Take a left and then the first left again. Left then at the T-junction and drive uphill to Dromahane.

Race HQ is at the local community centre. If you are arriving from the direction of Mallow and the N20, you turn left at the crossroads in the centre of the village and up the hill...

Course.....The 5 mile route is one large loop that goes anti-clockwise.


Course description......The race route can essentially be broken up into three pieces...

a) The race starts outside the Community Centre and is mostly downhill as far as 1.2 miles...a very fast start.

b) From 1.2 miles to 3.8 miles, the route is pretty flat. You may recognise parts of this course are the same as the Mallow 10 route but in the opposite direction. One small pull at 2.7 miles.

c) There is a gradual climb from 3.8 miles to 4.9 miles so this will be the slowest part of the course.

The 10 minute video clip below shows the course...

Key points in the video...
1) 00:00....The video shows the downhill start outside the Community Centre and the right at the crossroads in the village (00:36)

2) 01:20....The first mile is downhill except for a small climb which is only about 100m long.

3) 02:50.....The course flattens out at about 1.2 miles.

4) 03:58.....T-junction at 1.9 miles where you turn left.

5) 04:58.....This is where you join the Mallow 10 mile course but going in the opposite direction.

6) 05:20.....Small hill at 2.7 miles which is about 200m in length.

7) 07:25.....Junction at 3.8 miles where you begin the gradual climb back up to Dromahane.

Overall.......A 5 mile course with a mix of downhill and uphill running. Very fast start. Easy access from N20.